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The Leading Collaboration in
Natural Gas

DOSİDER (Natural Gas Appliance Manufacturers and Businessmen Association) was established in 1993. It aims to foster cooperation, solidarity, and mutual assistance among its members within the natural gas sector. DOSİDER also strives to address common issues, ensure the provision of quality services and materials to users in compliance with standards, and take necessary measures to prevent exploitation in these areas.


To be the leader in the sustainable business world.


Providing our members with collaboration and development opportunities.


Adding value with honesty, respect, and social responsibility.
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Fair Competition in the Natural Gas Industry

Equal Conditions Against Unfairness, Fair Competition

Fair Competition in the Natural Gas Industry

Equal Conditions Against Unfairness, Fair Competition

Objectives and Activities

01. To prevent unfair competition in our country's natural gas sector.
02. To ensure standardization of projects, materials, and workmanship in practice.
03. To contribute to the development of the natural gas sector by participating in the preparation of laws, regulations, specifications, decrees, standards, etc.
04. To ensure compliance with international standards in production.
05. To ensure compliance with international standards in production and to create a platform for collaboration among all public and private organizations involved in natural gas supply, distribution, usage, and consumption. It continues its efforts in line with these objectives and includes the most important domestic and foreign industrial and commercial organizations in the Turkish Natural Gas Sector.

Our Collaborations

Our Collaborations

Main Activities

We can summarize the main activities that our association has undertaken so far as follows:
01. Efforts are being made regarding the preparation of specifications related to natural gas internal installations, design, and implementation, and proposals are being submitted to authorized institutions and organizations.
02. Communication is established between our members and gas distribution companies such as EPDK (Energy Market Regulatory Authority), BOTAŞ, TSE (Turkish Standards Institute), Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, GAZBİR (Natural Gas Distribution Companies Association), İGDAŞ, ESGAZ, BURSAGAZ, GAZDAŞ, İZGAZ to address sectoral issues and work towards the development of the sector.
03. Meetings are organized in centers that have either transitioned to or are transitioning to natural gas usage to create platforms for informing consumers about topics such as natural gas usage, characteristics of natural gas appliances, application principles, etc.
04. Particularly concerning legal regulations that closely affect our sector and in which our member companies can contribute, contact is made with relevant authorities to organize informative meetings for the employees of our member companies. Support is provided to campaigns organized by gas distribution companies aimed at promoting the spread of natural gas, and boilers are given as gifts through raffles held in these campaigns.
05. Participation is ensured in local fairs related to natural gas.
06. Publications such as Consumer Information Catalogs are prepared and distributed free of charge to all consumers.
07. Through advertisements broadcasted on local radio and television channels, efforts are made to convey the advantages of natural gas usage to consumers.

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