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The Leading Collaboration in
Natural Gas

DOSİDER (Natural Gas Appliance Manufacturers and Businessmen Association) was established in 1993. It aims to foster cooperation, solidarity, and mutual assistance among its members within the natural gas sector. DOSİDER also strives to address common issues, ensure the provision of quality services and materials to users in compliance with standards, and take necessary measures to prevent exploitation in these areas.

About Us

Our association, DOSİDER (Association of Natural Gas Appliance Manufacturers and Businessmen), was established in 1993...
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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of our association is responsible for making strategic decisions and overseeing its activities. Comprising experienced leaders, this...
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Our bylaws encompass the official rules of our association, from its establishment to its objectives, membership conditions, and governance structure...
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Yönetim Kurulu

Sektörün Yönlendirici Gücü

Yönetim Kurulumuz, DOSİDER'in rotasını belirleyen liderlerden oluşuyor. Sektördeki deneyimleri ve karar alma yetenekleri ile doğal gazın geleceğini şekillendiriyorlar.


Vice President / VAILLANT Deputy General Manager


President / ECA / EMAR General Manager
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Our Collaborations

What is Service Information System (SERBİS)?

We Apply Sector-Specific Business Ethics Principles

We Build Sustainability and Reputation Based on Our Industry Principles

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