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In cases where individual control of heating is desired to be 100%, the use of individual heating systems like combi boilers can be advantageous in buildings where fuel cost sharing is problematic. However, central systems can also offer cost-effective solutions with lower total initial investment costs.

Both systems offer technologically advanced and highly efficient devices.

Article 42 of Law No. 634 on Condominium Ownership has been redefined in paragraphs 4 and 5. According to the relevant article, “Upon the request of one of the condominium owners, insulation, fuel conversion of the heating system, and conversion of the heating system from central system to individual system or from individual system to central system are subject to a decision to be taken by the majority of condominium owners in terms of number and land share (%51 and above). However, in buildings with a total construction area of 2000 m² and above (there is no distinction between existing or new buildings), conversion of the central heating system to individual heating system is done upon a decision taken unanimously (%100) by the condominium owners in terms of number and land share.” As stated in this article, consumers can determine the heating solutions they use or will use themselves if unanimity is achieved among the condominium owners in terms of number and land share.

Why Natural GAS?

How is it going to be made?

  • Visit one of the authorized dealers appointed by the gas company in your city (such as BAŞKENTGAZ, İGDAŞ, ESGAZ, BURSAGAZ, İZGAZ, AGDAŞ) to conduct a project and feasibility study.
  • During the subscription process, the participation fee and security deposit are deposited into the specified bank account.
  • If switching to natural gas with a central system, only the conversion process takes place in the boiler room.
  • If natural gas usage is desired for kitchen stoves and/or water heaters in apartment units, the installation of internal natural gas pipelines via a shared column system is required. Another decision needs to be made for this, and a shared column line needs to be installed.

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